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Image of a store selling wax melts on freewebstore
Image of a store selling wax melts on freewebstore
Image of a store selling wax melts on freewebstore
Image of a store selling wax melts on freewebstore

How to Make Wax Melts to Sell

Wax Melts Ingredients

600g wax
50ml fragrance oil
Colored Cream Dye
Melting Pot
Wooden Spoon
Pour wax into melting pot
Boil down on a medium heat until around half of the wax is melted
Lower the heat and simmer until the wax is fully melted
Take off the heat and allow it to cool until it's around 60 to 65 degrees
Add as much dye as you need depending on how strong you wish the color to be
Add back onto a very low heat and stir
Add your fragrance, again, as much or little as you like, depending on how strong you wish the fragrance to be and then stir
Pour your wax into the molds
Leave to cool for 24 hours
And that's it! You have made your very own wax melts

Frequently asked questions about selling wax melts

How to start selling wax melts online?
First, you'll need to create an online store. You can do this using Freewebstore.
How many wax melts can you sell on Freewebstore?
Freewebstore allows you to sell an unlimited number of wax melts. In fact, you can sell as many different types of products as you want.
Where can I source wax melts for my online store?
Wax melts are incredibly easy to create yourself. There are many YouTube videos that walk you through the process of creating your own wax melts.
What insurance do you need to sell wax melts?
Depending on your location, you may need different types of insurance if you are making and selling wax melts. If you have employees, you may need employee liability insurance. If you are selling, you may need craft business insurance. We'd recommend contacting your local legal advocate for further help.
Where can I sell wax melts other than a website?
If you are looking for additional or alternative ideas for selling wax melts other than your online store, you can sell them in the following places:
  • Physical Shop
  • Markets & Fairs
  • To friends & family
  • Door to door

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