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Freewebstore featured site Risus Wholesale
Risus Wholesale

After only a few minutes I was up and running

I bought a clearance box of toys for £50 which I sold on Ebay and used the profits from that to buy more clearance stock. Once I had saved up a few hundred pounds I was able to open an account with a major importer and my sales started flooding in. After a couple of years, I was able to leave Ebay selling and concentrate on my own website and this is where things really took off. Rather than getting orders of £20 -£30 I was regularly getting orders of a few hundred pounds! My range has now increased to over 1200 items and we are adding more daily.

I did a lot of research and most people recommended that I build my own site but after researching how to go about this I soon realized that the time taken to do this was not going to work out for me. I needed something that I could use straight away with minimal input from myself. FWS fitted that bill and literally after only a few minutes I was up and running.

I also like having the support as a backup so if anything does go wrong I don’t have to spend ages fixing it, I know there is a team there that will take care of it for me.

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Freewebstore featured ecommerce site lolanova

Simplicity and ease of navigation

I have trialed several instant web store services and have found Freewebstore to be the best. It offers a great degree of flexibility, it's easy to use and there are many beautiful templates to choose from. You can create an attractive online shop with very little technical know-how, and it integrates well with Google- a must for online merchants. It has helped me to grow my brand and find customers worldwide, however the brilliance is in the simplicity and ease of navigation.

Freewebstore featured site prolighting
Pro Lighting Accessories

5 star customer service

I would like to stress how much I appreciate the 5 star customer service I receive from your support team. Any questions I have are answered quickly and intelligently. Everything is explained in a way that it makes sense to me and their technical team will always go that extra mile to help with all things that directly and indirectly help with my website. There is so much information easily available on the control panel to and it's incredibly simple to use.

I've been a customer at free webstore now since 2009 and I don't recall a single fault occurring from a server error or having any down time. All the integration with with merchants such as PayPal are easy to set up and simple to use. It's all taken care of.

Over the years they have introduced very useful marketing tools to help track customers, sales, and expand your site onto other shopping markets. I love this integration as it enables me to monitor my sites progress and make changes if some things are not working as hoped.

Best of all I got all this help for an incredibly low price.

I'd like to take this chance to personally thank Freewebstore for all that they have done to help start our business.

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"You guys are truly amazing. Thanks for great service!"


featured Freewebstore site Chambers


"Customer support is exceptional"

Freewebstore's customer support is also exceptional, queries are responded to promptly and communicated to you in plain English, whatever technical level you are. I would recommend Freewebstore for both new and existing businesses.

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great Freewebstore site Rianna Phillips

Rianna Phillips

"Extremely reliable & helpful"

Freewebstore have been an extremely reliable and helpful team who have personally guided me through an unknown territory with great ease. Overall very pleased and content with their service.

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Freewebstore site Chambers


"Fully Recommended"

It is easy to customize, with lots of options and web templates are becoming more beautiful. The times that I have contacted support, the response has been very rapid.


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