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Freewebstore are taking over the eCommerce world!
Stay up to Date
I like the fact that freewebstore stays up to date with the latest trends.
Pearls with Hanna
Easy to Use
So easy to use and maintain and really helpful staff. Everything is there for you.
The Good, The Bad, The Robots
Most User-Friendly
Without a doubt the most user-friendly interface out there!

In this day and age eCommerce is absolutely essential & is a major part of what we do now. Freewebstore has made our digital transition easy.

Freewebstore is a fantastic company who offer great support from the moment you sign up. Signing up for an online store is completely free of charge, so there is literally nothing to lose! I am a successful store owner myself, and without the help of freewebstore, there is no doubt that I wouldn't be where I am today. One very happy customer here!

Freewebstore has been absolutely wonderful in helping me achieve my dream of running an online boutique. I have seen my sales rocket ever since I started using freewebstore. Their support team is second to none and their platform is extremely accessible, even for me!

Freewebstore offers a great combination of functionality, design, technical support and pricing. It’s super easy, fast and simple to manage, and contains all the tools I need in an online store platform.

Rianna Phillips
"Extremely reliable & helpful"
Freewebstore have been an extremely reliable and helpful team who have personally guided me through an unknown territory with great ease. Overall very pleased and content with their service.
The bigger picture art
"Vast range of designs"
Freewebstore has such a vast range of designs, and with the ability to make alterations you can have your website set up in a matter of days which is great when you want to show potential consumers the latest products available to them.
Risus Wholesale
"So exciting"
Can’t fault it and would definitely recommend to others. FWS has given me the freedom to work from home and raise a family at the same time and for that, I will always be hugely grateful.
"Extremely reliable & helpful"
The framework is very well balanced for both designers/coders and for those less savvy IT users. Where you need help you simply ask, and will always get informative support, regarding code editing and any other questions. Seriously give your support staff a pat on the back, they are both friendly AND competent.
Rainbows and Sprinkles
"Vast range of designs"
I think freewebstore is a fantastic platform. Almost all of my sales are placed on smart phones and my website adapts to smart phones so well and makes it so simple to use and navigate. If I ever have a concern or question, my emails are answered almost immediately which I think is just fantastic.
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