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Freewebstore automatically creates a product xml file for you to quickly and easily add to your Google Shopping account. In minutes, you can have your products listed on Google ready for the world to purchase!
Automatically generated daily by Freewebstore & fetched by Google!
Simple point & click to get set up!
Able to handle millions of products!
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1.2 Billion searches are performed on Google each month
Google Shopping accounted for 36% of product discoverys each month
Conversion Rate
Google Shopping has a 1.91% average conversion rate
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Google LogoShopping
Get verified with Google with Freewebstores easy-to-use Site Verification feature.
Google Shopping
Connect your store with Google Shopping and sell to millions who search for products on Google's search engine.
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Track conversions on your Freewebstore store directly in your Google account.
Utilize powerful apps with Google's GSuite - Domain Email & Gmail, Shared Calanders, Online Store & Video Meetings
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