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Tubie Doodles

Tubie Doodles' free online charity store creates amazing stickers for children that need the assistance of various medical tubes, making them less clinical.

"The children would see past the tube and would love the bright, colourful designs and coment on them rather than her tubes."

"After initial samples on our daughter we soon realised that our older childrens friends started interacting with our daughter more and would purposely come over to see what 'picture' she had on her face."

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How Tubie Doodles have set their online store up for raising money
How The Countryside Charity have set their online store up for raising money and reaching out for people to look after thier countryside.

The Countryside Charity

The Countryside Charity in Staffordshire uses their free web store to promote and encourage the protection and improvement of their Countryside.

"Promotes and encourages the protection and improvement of the countryside of Staffordshire: its towns, villages and rural environment. Anyone who values the Staffordshire countryside is invited to join us, either as a supporter of our work, or as an active participant."

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