Our most frequently asked questions in one place

Is freewebstore really free?
Yes it is! Unlike other eCommerce providers, this is not just a trial. You can have one of our feature packed free stores for as long as you like without ever having to pay us a penny!
How does freewebstore make money?
Glad you asked. As well as the free store, we also offer premium subscriptions for sellers who want more bang for their buck! The premium edition is stacked with additional ecommerce features proven to boost sales.
Is there a limit to what I can earn?
No, the sky is the limit! We have stores with six figure turnovers who have never paid us a penny. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same.
Can I accept credit & debit cards on my freewebstore?
Yes! You can start accepting credit and debit cards directly on your store as soon as the store opens. *Freewebstore takes a small fee for these transactions.
How do I get paid?
Your shoppers pay you directly via your chosen payment gateway. You can withdraw these funds at any time.
Does freewebstore take a commission?
No, freewebstore will not take any commission from your sales. However, all payment gateways do charge a small fee per transaction as per the industry standard.
What can I sell?
The only limitation we put on what you can sell is that it is legal. We have stores selling everything from knitted teapot covers to car parts! As long as someone wants to buy it, you can sell it!
Does freewebstore provide the products?
No. You will need to source or create your own products to sell on freewebstore.
Do I need hosting?
No. We provide everything you need, including secure cloud based hosting.
Can I use my existing domain name?
Yes. If you have a pre-existing domain name then you can use it with your new store.
I am not a business, can I use freewebstore?
Yes. Freewebstore accounts are available for all. Personal and business users alike.
Is freewebstore available in my country?
Probably! Get in touch with our fantastic support team for a full list of supported countries & currencies.
What if I have any more questions?
If you do, click here to get in touch with our fantastic support team and we'll be more than happy to help.
What am I waiting for?
No idea! Click here to get started :)
*2% (free users) and 0.5% (premium users) using Stripe.