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The generated terms and conditions templates are not legal advice and are for information purposes only. Please seek legal advice from a local law office before publishing any content. By using these sample templates you also agree to the Freewebstore terms and conditions.
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Frequently asked questions about terms and conditions

What are terms and conditions?
Terms and conditions are a legal agreement between a service and the person using the service.
Do you need terms and conditions?
In short, no, however, it's highly recommended as it can help you if a person using your service decides to take you to court.
How long should terms and conditions be?
There isn't a clear definition on how short or long your terms and conditions should be, however, as a general rule of thumb, you should cover everything you wish disclaim, and everything you wish the person using your service to agree to.
Where should terms and conditions be added?
You can add terms and conditions to various places such as:
  • Online
    • Main Menu
    • Footer Menu
    • Linking from a different policy page
    • On a sign up/ registration form
  • Offline
    • In a contract
    • On a physical shop door or wall

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