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MyBank is owned and managed by PRETA S.A.S., today controlled by EBA CLEARING. PRETA S.A.S. was created in 2013 to develop and innovate market competitive services in digital payment and identity solutions by leveraging on EBA CLEARING’s knowhow of SEPA payment infrastructure and instruments.

PRETA’s objective is to ensure the protection of people’s cyber, electronic and digital identity and empower them with secure and simple solutions for their online and mobile activities. It has a Pan-European perspective and encourages the inclusion and collaboration of all players – from industry authorities to e-businesses and Service Providers – to drive forward the European digital economy and commerce.

MyBank Apps

MyBank Checkouts Page
Allow your customers to pay online safely and easily with an immediate bank transfer from your own bank account.
MyBank Checkouts Page
MyBank payments consist of a bank transfer via your customers’ bank account. The transfer is irrevocable (unlike standard bank transfers, where customers can still cancel the payment after having processed it), it is made via a pre-filled form and provides both your customers and yourself a real-time confirmation.