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The mission of our company is to propagate the reliability further to professionals, consumers as our different partners. Bancontact Payconiq Company wants to take away this uncertainty by ensuring easy, problem-free payments for every day and wants to make payments accessible to everyone.

We aim to be an industry leader in electronic payments and the associated services for companies and consumers.

Our teams strive to aid all Belgians to a hassle-free shopping experience, building on a Belgian foundation that is decisive to our economy.

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If you want to allow your customers to pay safely and smoothly in your webshop or in your store, then let Bancontact take care of it!
Bancontact Checkouts Page
Paying online with Bancontact is safe and quick for your customers.
When you install a PayPal gateway your website, customers in the regions where Bancontact is available will know immediately that they can make purchases using their familiar payment method.