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About Nochex

Our mission is to provide UK and European based online businesses and their customers with the means to make and accept payments safely and dependably at an affordable price. Since 2001 we have helped start-up and smaller enterprises grow their online businesses without them having to worry about how they will get paid.

As an added benefit, when your business reaches the point where it really begins to fly, we'll make sure you get the help you need to keep moving ahead - even if that means you should leave the Nochex nest. We won't stand in the way of your progress; in fact, we take pride in having yet another success story!

Merchant Account

Our Merchant Account is suitable for online businesses of all sizes, and enables you to accept payments from credit and debit cards. Take a look at some of the ‘not so standard’ features! Apply for a Nochex Merchant Account.

  • Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards.
  • Free from expensive recurring monthly and annual fees.
  • Pay-as-you-go - only pay when you transact.
  • Free personalized payments page for branding consistency.
  • No consumer sign-up required.
  • Free phone and email support from our UK-based support team.
  • Free fraud prevention tools.
  • Easy to integrate & expertly supported by our technical team.
  • Fast availability of your funds giving you instant cash flow.
  • Fast online application process
  • Merchant Account & Payment Gateway rolled into one.
  • Everthing you need to take online payments.
  • Supports auction website and multi-seller accounts.
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Freewebstore is a great way for individuals to create stunningly designed online stores, with a whole host of great features. That’s why we integrated Freewebstore with Nochex, to give those individuals a perfect payment solution, as well as the perfect checkout solution! Freewebstore is one of the most popular shopping carts used by Nochex merchants.
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