Premium users sell 10x more. See the Freewebstore Premium Feature Premium Features below as to why!

Freewebstore Premium Feature Premium Features
  • FWS Branding Removal

  • More Base Products

  • Abandoned Cart Data

  • Add Unlimited Pages

  • Coupons & Vouchers

  • Fedex™ Parcels

  • UPS™ Parcels

  • Google Shopping™

  • Language Packs

  • Offline Payments

  • Product Feeds (12+)

  • Saved Designs Library

  • Product & Visitor Stats

  • API Access

  • Additional Product Options

  • Advanced CSS

Increase Sales

Freewebstore Branding Removal

Upgrade to any premium package and the freewebstore branding will be automatically removed from your online store, your Facebook storefront, Instagram gallery and social media posts. This will solidify your own branding, enhancing shopper trust, which will in turn convert more visitors in shoppers.

Freewebstore remove branding premium feature
Dramatically Boost Turnover

Add More Base Products

It may sound simple but adding more products to your store adds more earning potential. The more products you have, the bigger your store is and the more merchandise you have on the shelves. Add more products and make more money! Simple.

Freewebstore additional products premium feature
Save Lost Sales

Abandoned Cart Data

Premium users get access to their store's abandoned cart data. This allows you to claw back lost sales from shoppers who abandon carts part way through checkout. A proven way of boosting your sales!

"Love the new abandoned cart data - offered a 10% code to customer and they have now purchased! Fantastic feature thanks" - cosmeticskincare

Freewebstore abandoned carts premium feature
Improve your SEO

Add Unlimited Pages

Larger sites rank better on search engines such as Google, when compared with smaller sites. You are able to add your own pages and increase the store's Search Engine footprint - adding as many as you like! Watch your store rocket up the search engine rankings.

Freewebstore additional pages premium feature
Encourage Shoppers to Spend More

Coupons & Vouchers

As a premium user you can run your own store promotions to boost sales. This is yet another proven technique for boosting sales and increasing your turnover. Start your SALE today and watch your profits soar!

Freewebstore coupons and vouchers premium feature
Shipping you Can Trust

Fedex™ Parcels

Simplify your life by letting the experts handle the shipping of your orders. Premium users can enable Live Shipping Rates from Fedex. This will increase shopper confidence as Fedex are a trusted partner to make sure your orders are delivered safely and on-time.

Freewebstore shipping courier FedEx premium feature
Logistics Made Easy

UPS™ Parcels

Premium users can enable live shipping quotes from UPS. This simplifies shipping logistics for you and increases confidence in your brand for your shoppers. A win-win that is available only to premium users.

Freewebstore shipping courier UPS premium feature
Sales SuperHighway

Google Shopping™

Gain access to tens of millions of new shoppers by uploading your products to the world's busiest website. Google will match your products to shoppers who are out there looking to buy right now. Don't delay, upgrade to any premium package to unlock this vital feature.

Freewebstore Google shopping premium feature
Hola, Caio, Bonjour!

Language Packs

The internet is global by definition and the world is a big place. Access new markets quickly by adding additional language packs to your store and making your store multi lingual. Start thinking big and watch your empire grow.

Freewebstore language packs premium feature
More checkouts, more sales

Offline Payments

Increase your sale conversions dramatically by adding more checkout options for your shoppers. Premium users can enable the very flexible and powerful pay offline feature. This allows you to create any number of pay offline options to give yourself the best possible chance of landing the sale. The options include but are not limited to:

  • Pay by Check
  • Pay over the phone
  • Pay by Bank Transfer
  • Pay on Invoice
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Local Collection
  • Credit Account
  • Create Your Own...

Freewebstore offline payments premium feature
Time to hit the Markets!

Product Feeds(12+)

Premium users can create many different product feeds for their store. These feeds can then be used to upload their entire product inventory to some of the worlds largest and most successful shopping platforms such as: Bing Ads™, Choozen™, Ciao!™, dooyoo™,™, pricegrabber™, ShopMania™,™, ShoppyDoo™, TheFind™, Twenga™ and Shopzilla™.

Freewebstore shopping feeds premium feature
Something for the Weekend?

Saved Designs Library

Premium users can now save their store designs at any time and store them in their very own design library. They can then switch between these designs at the click of a button. So you can save your Christmas Sale design, the Easter Special or your Big Summer Sale etc and switch between them effortlessly.

Freewebstore switching designs premium feature
Real Time Feedback and Insights

Product & Visitor Statistics

Get real time feedback from your store with our premium user only reports. These will provide feedback on visitors, pages, categories, products, popular searches, search engine hits, crawler activity and more. Stay ahead of the competition and react quickly to changing shopper trends to boost sales.

Freewebstore sales graphs premium feature
Absolutely anything you want

API Access

Premium users get full unmetered access to our feature packed API. This opens up a whole world of options and oppurtunites. Connect your store to your dropshipper, send orders direct to your warehouse, create your own app or automatically synchronise your accounts. The possibilities are endless!

Freewebstore api premium feature
More Options = Happy Shoppers

Additional Product Options

Premium packages each afford additional space for product options. Using product options can dramatically boost a product and make it more desirable to the shopper. The options can also increase the cost so your turnover grows too.

Freewebstore additional product options premium feature
Style it the way you want!

Advanced CSS

Gain access to the Advanced CSS feature and customize your freewebstore design even further. Advanced CSS allows you to write the additional styles you need to make your design pixel perfect for you and your customers.

Freewebstore Advanced CSS Feature


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