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Hear what your shoppers are saying

I get a real buzz when I get good feedback. A lot of sweat and tears can go into my creations but it’s all worth it when people tell me they love my cakes. It’s a passion that I’ve turned into my profession. What could be better than that?

I want my customers to be able to feedback online as well. It will let them express how they felt about the overall experience and the product itself. This way I will know if what I’m doing is successful. The last thing I want if for people to feel they're getting poor quality - they won’t come back if they do. If I get some great reviews, this can only be good exposure for my web store. I put Share Icons on all my blog posts so that my customers can share them with their friends. Free publicity!

I’ve asked Mom to post a comment on my Frozen Fever Blog when I publish it tomorrow. I’ve also added a little note inside the cake box to remind her to leave feedback along with a coupon code for 10% off her next order of cupcakes. I’m doing a promotion on cupcakes at the moment so it’s the best way to tell my customers about it. I love to surprise and delight my customers with little complimentary gifts. Sometimes I like to leave a little bag of sweets in their order, or a cake pop. It doesn’t have to cost much and it leaves such a lasting impression with my customers. I can accept coupon codes at checkout on my web store so the 10% coupon works online too.

I hope the birthday party goes well.

Make the shopping experience special

I started out making cakes at home when my kids were in diapers and then I trained as a pastry chef. You can probably tell I love my job. I think it would be nice to have a page on my store where my customers can hear my story and see the person behind the cakes as it will give my store credibility. Hopefully I can build a relationship up with my customers and they will come back time and time again.

I want to share recipes with my customers too! I have clients who have special dietary requirements and like to know what’s in my cakes. I’m going to set up another Non-Product Page all about recipes. It will give my online store a bit more ‘depth’ and enhance the overall shopping experience!

Expanding...adapting...and growing

In my line of work, it’s so important to be able to react to changing trends. When I have face to face time with my customers, they tell me what they’re looking for and I can adapt to their needs. Whatever the latest craze is, I’m sure to find out.

Online it’s not so easy. My customers might be shopping 24/7 which is great for business, but I don’t actually see who visits my store (perhaps a good job if their shopping in the PJs!). So how do I know what they're looking for? I’m going to have a look at Product and Visitor Statistics on my web store so I get real time feedback on visitors, pages, categories and products. I can find out the stuff that my face to face customers might not even tell me…I can even find out what the most popular searches are on my site. I can use all this information to help decide what my next project will be...

Good luck!

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