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Part 1

In this Walkthrough we cover the finer details of building customer relations to make your web store even more successful. Here are some best practices from the experts on how to keep your shoppers coming back time and time again.

Give Your Store Personality!

I’ve set my online store up and organised my products into categories. Now I want to set my web store apart from all the others out there. I’ve learned a bit about what makes my store stand out in the shopping mall over the years - I want to try and get this across on my web store.

Someone once told me that the average customer will recruit three other customers during the time they do business with me. What makes customers talk about my cakes? Usually its my attention to detail and how I make my customers feel special. This is my strength. I take time with my orders; get to know my customers; put special notes in their packages.

I’m currently working on a super cool project. It’s a Disney cake of the short film Frozen Fever. It’s for a little girl’s fourth birthday party. I usually like to chat to my customers about my latest projects when they visit my store. It breaks the ice and gives my customers an idea of the kind of cakes that I can produce. My cakes are pretty special and I love the look on people’s faces when they see the finished product! I want to take what I’ve learned in my business and apply it to my web store.

Details, details

I’ve set myself a little area in my kitchen where the light is great and there is a nice backdrop so I can shoot some really nice stills in high resolution. Let’s face it, who buys anything online that they haven’t already seen a picture of? I can use these as my product images in the future.

I’ve started making a point of capture the moments that no-one sees...each stage of my creation from baking the cake right through to the final sprinkling of edible glitter over the chocolate ganache! It all takes time but I have to be organised if I’m going to give a piece of ‘me’ to my online store. I’ve enabled StoreBlog so I can tell them what I’m up to all the time! I’m not going to upload the pictures of the ‘Frozen Fever’ cake right away, I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the birthday girl...

Cake completed...Three layers of blue and yellow icing decorated with mini Oreos! Awesome! I can’t wait to see Mom’s face when she comes to collect it.

Ok, the cake’s been picked up and Mom is happy! Phew. She’s just paid me in full when she came to collect the cake. This is how I usually take payments so I’ve set up offline payment as one of my checkout options on my store. This way my customers can pay on collection if they wish.

Part 2

Part 2 will show you how you can stay ahead of the game by using the information your web store collects about your customers. We will show you how you can adapt to growing consumer trends and how you can use social media to its best advantage.

Part 2
Best Practices
Adding personality to your store to stand out from the crowd.
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