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Happy Customers = Profitable Customers

Part 3

Part 3 talks about store returns and gives you some extra tips on how give customer service that extra wow.


No one likes having returned items, but they are one of the most important features for your store and also from a customer service point of view and here’s why:

  • Google Shopping requires the “Returns” link to be in a prominent position on my store to allow me to sell on their platform - Google having this rule shows how important they think a returns policy is for an online business.
  • Having a returns policy actually increases conversions on my store, as shoppers have the comfort knowing they can return their items if they have any problems.
  • Having a returns policy also increased the number of shoppers that would come back and purchase again even after they had returned an item before.

Going that Extra Mile

There’s a few ways that you can also take customer service that extra mile and make your customers think WOW when they remember your store.

Live Chat

There are many live chat plugins that you can add which will allow your customers to talk to you directly in real time. Zopim - Live Chat is just one that springs to mind. It’s a simple chat feature that sits at the bottom of each page on your store and allows your customer to ask quick questions and get fast answers; this can also be disabled when your not online. You could also use Facebook or Twitter live chats to talk to your customer via social media.


Add a new page on your store with frequently asked questions. Some customers may simply want to find a quick answer to a regular question.

Little Gifts

I recently purchased an item from a well known gadget shop in the US and when the item arrived, inside the packaging was my item as well as a small bag of sweets. It was a nice little surprise that gave me a huge smile. Of course, I wasn’t charged for these sweets and the price of the sweets will be taken out of the company's profit, however it added a thoughtful touch to the customer service. Maybe I could do something like this for recurring customers.

Social Media Interaction

I post regularly on social media and as such, many of my followers comment on my posts. I make sure that if needed I respond to them. I also follow them back on Instagram and Twitter and interact with their posts on social media. Again, this just adds a nice little customer service interaction that users/ shoppers like.

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Happy Customers = Profitable Customers
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