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Happy Customers = Profitable Customers

Part 1

This walkthrough will give you some great tips on how to keep your customers happy whilst online.

If a shopping experience is memorable and enjoyable then the customer is more than likely going to return in future to experience the same satisfaction as before.

This really doesn’t come down to pricing at all. If your products are more expensive than your competitors, but your customer service is impeccable then your customer WILL return.

I know myself that I return to the same shops monthly even though they are more expensive than “Jim’s Shop” down the road, just because I feel more comfortable and happy whilst I browse.

Here’s my top tips for customer service that I have tried and tested on my online store;

Shopper Navigation

When I’m in a shop and need to ask a question, return an item or complain about something, the first thing I will do is look for an employee who can either help me with my problem or direct me to someone who can.

Unfortunately, we’re not sat with our shoppers when they are browsing our site so we need to ensure there is a clear and easy way for a shopper to contact us. To start with, I’ve added a “Contact” and “Returns” link to my main navigation structure. This is displayed on each and every page on my web store, allowing shoppers to get the answers they need with one simple click.

To make it easier for my customer to get in touch I’ve also added my business address, email address and telephone number to my store. Of course some of you will be selling your products from your home and therefore may not want to disclose your home address and telephone number, but by having an email address displayed this will give your customers more comfort knowing they can get directly in touch.

Part 2

Part 2 will give you some insights on the best practices I use surrounding emailing my shoppers.

Part 2
Best Practices
Happy Customers = Profitable Customers
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