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A help guide to using the best images for your blog article


This walkthrough will give you some great tips on using images on your blog.


Adding images to your blogs is a great way to space out a blog article and give your readers a break from reading whilst they look and admire the images that you've added.

First Glance

Images allow your readers to quickly glance at the article and give them a visual clue to what the article will talk about.

Therefore, you should make your images relevant to the text content. If you own a bakery store and the article talks about cupcake decorations you may want to add an image that looks something like the image to the right.

Adding an irrelevant image which has no connection to the text content is pointless and may leave your readers confused.

First glance images should:

  • Relate to the nearest paragraph
  • Relate to the article as a whole
  • Relate to your webstore

Optimizing Your Images

Optimizing your images is one of the most important elements of building a website, as it will allow your shoppers to navigate through your store without anything looking out of place or your content moving because the image was slow to load.

Image Sizes

There isn't an optimal size when your creating your blog articles - Some images may only need to be small as they have little detail and some may need to be quite large so your shoppers can admire the image in more detail.

However, with that in mind don't make your images that small that your shoppers can barely see them and also don't make them so large that they need to scroll down 2 page lengths to see the whole image.

Image File Size

Large image file sizes are a real pain for your shoppers usability. It can cause a painfully slow page loading speed and can deter shoppers from coming back.

You want your images to be the smallest file size they can be without losing too much image quality. This way your page loads fast and your shoppers can still have the visual aids they need.

Find a few helpful links below to optimize any images you have:

How Many Images?

The amount of images on blog article may vary greatly depending of what type of audience you have or what type of article you are writing your reading.

For example a blog article that focuses on giving your readers a tutorial may need to display many images, where as an informative article may only need one or two images

Make sure you understand whether the shoppers will need visual aid or not.

Image Sources

You may already have your images for your blog and that's great but if not here's a few tips

Product Images

Product Images are great to use as blog article images because you already have them and they should already be optimized and therefore it's a simple 2 minute job to add them to your blog.

Camera Images

If you are serious about blogging it may be a worth investing in a camera. This way you can take as many photos as you want and you can therefore choose the best.

Purchase Images

If you have the funds available it may be worth purchasing images from some stock image websites - These are professionally created images and come in galleries so you can find the perfect one for your article. Here's a few helpful links:

Royalty-Free Images

Before purchasing and images it may be worth checking if there are any similar royalty-free images available. Check out the following sites for free images:

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