publishing your first blog

A step by step guide on how to publish your first blog

First Steps

This will cover the basics of creating blog article content to add value and the advantages it will bring, including Customer Engagement and SEO.


My store is running nicely, orders are coming in steadily and my ranking on Google is pretty good - but it could always be better! I’d like to engage with my customers a bit more, provide them with relevant content and open a 2 way conversation about that content.

A blog is a great way to do this. It allows me to showcase some of my products or publish reviews and tutorials on them. My customers can use the comments section to ask questions or open a discussion.

I’d rather my customers stayed on my store pages though, rather than navigating away to a separate blog site. That way, all of my other content and products are still within easy reach.

For this web series, I'll be adding a fully integrated blog to my store and posting an article to it.

What Should I Write About?

A lot of my customers are interested in baking their own cakes, so I think they’d be interested in some baking tips that I use myself every day - perhaps my Top 5. The key is to keep the content relevant to my store. That way, existing customers will see more value when they visit, and potential new customers may come across my article and see my products as a result.

Top 5’s make great articles and you can usually do them about any subject. Reviewing products or equipment that you use regularly are good subjects too.


If I make sure I write about topics that are relevant to my store, there’s a good chance that existing visitors will find it interesting. It also works both ways, as someone searching for the topic I write about, may also end up discovering my products as a result.

It's good to invite opinions too, so I'll encourage readers to post their own "top tip" in the comments section. That way I can comment on their tip, perhaps suggesting something I use personally and riff back and forth a bit. To allow them to do that, I'm going to leave Comments enabled for this article.


I don't want my article to be a wall of text - that's not very inviting for readers, so I'll break it up with a few images. At least one image per tip, and it'll be fun to try to find an image that best represents it. Check out the links at the bottom of the article for a good source of images that are free to use.

Sharing & Social Media

I'll also keep the Share Icons enabled on this article. If people find it useful, they may decide to share it on Facebook or Twitter, which is all fantastic exposure for my store. I want to make it as easy as possible for them to share it with their friends, and the share widgets will do exactly that.


Using the summary section, I can create an "abstract" about my article. This means that I can separately summarize it without having that text as part of the article. It allows visitors to see at a glance what it's about when they're scrolling through the list of articles, or looking at them on my homepage.


Search engines such as Google will lap this content up, helping boost my ranking. I’m not going to try to stuff keywords in there or anything like that, as Google are clever enough to spot that nowadays. I've just got to keep my language natural and keep the content relevant so that it adds value to the rest of the store. Google will pick up on this and it will boost my positioning in searches.

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A step by step guide on how to set up your first blog and blog article on your store.
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