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Basic Design Tips for your Website

Part 1

Part 1 will cover design consistency throughout your business and your first logo.


When I first signed up for my Freewebstore, I was given a large choice of designs to choose from. These designs are ready straight away and if I wanted I could leave it as it is, add my own products and start trying to sell straight away.

This isn't what I want to do - I want to start making the design my own, giving it a look and feel which represents my company and brand.


Consistency is the key to making your webstore look great. Keeping colors, logos, graphics and other visual aspects of a design constant will give your customers reassurance that you are an established business as well as making your business recognizable on all platforms whether that be within a magazine or on the television.

Design consistency will give your store personality, it will also give your business a platform to sit upon for the foreseeable future, so when changing colors, logos and graphics try to keep them within a similar style range.


If you already have an established logo for your business move onto the next chapter.

Logos are one of the most important aspects of your business, it's how your customers recognize you and instantly know what product you sell. Take the following logos for example and I'm sure you will all know what products they sell:

Recognizable Logos

You don't need to be an expert Photoshopper to create a great looking logo, it can be as simple as using a fancy font with some colors. Here's something quick I whipped up for a bakery store I am creating.

Design Tips Logo Example

With a few lines, a nice font and a color or two you can make something that looks quite professional.

So what's the tip?

Your logo doesn't need to be a masterpiece of art, it can be simple and very basic and still look great.

Additional Info

Did you know we have our own image editing software. This allows you to edit any image you upload to your store.

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Part 2

Part 2 is currently being written by our Walkthrough Wizards - Keep an eye on this page for further updates.

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Basic design tips to get your store looking great.
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