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To conclude our Beginners web series to building an online store we will talk about setting up shipping rules.


My store is looking fantastic, all my pages have content, I have a small range of products and categories and the store colors match my branding. The final step is to add shipping rules for my products.

Shipping Requirements

The first step to managing my shipping rules is to find out my requirements.

I've put together a small list of these requirements:

  • Only deliver within the USA
  • Offer signed delivery
  • Offer standard delivery

So how do I set up my shipping rules to allow the above 3 requirements?

Shipping Set Up

Setting up shipping based on weight is the best way to manage my shipping as most companies base their shipping on this factor.

Shipping based on weight requires that each of your product has a weight assigned to it.

If you require setting up your shipping rules using a different method such as "Price of Product" or "Quantity of Products in Basket" then you can.

I needed 2 shipping rules to fit my requirements: Signed Delivery and Standard Delivery. Therefore, I selected weight to base my shipping rules on, created a name for the rule and then chose my weight variations and prices for each option within the rule. For Example:

My first shipping rule was called "Signed Delivery", it has 3 weight variation options of "0 grams - 200 grams", "200 grams - 500 grams" and "500 grams - unlimited". Each option has a different price and only one of these options will be displayed to my customers when they check out depending on how much their basket weighs. They will also be presented with the Standard Shipping Rule and they will have the choice of choosing either option.

Less is always better for shipping rules. Keep it simple, average out the cost and it will be easier for you and your customers to use and manage.

Part 3
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