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The Fundamentals of Creating your First Online Store

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Part 3

In Part 3 we will start adding our own page content to give our store some depth and something for our customers to read and see.


My store is taking shape and it's starting to feel like my own. We have products, categories, a checkout and we've made the design fit to our brand. The next step is to start adding content to the pages and giving your customers something to read when they first enter your store.

Words, Words, Words

You may have heard the phrase "Content is King", and it's true; content is king, customers thrive off a well written article, paragraph or blog.

Having a piece of text that drones on about this and that, isn't what the customers want. They want something straight to the point - Descriptive but straight to the point.

I must confess, I'm no author myself. However, follow these few pieces of advice and your store has a great chance of customers enjoying their experience.

Content is King!

Each store is provided with 10 pages to get you up and running (this does not include category and product pages and you can also add additional pages in the future).

1. Home

The Home page is probably the most important page of your store, if it looks bland, empty or has bad images on your customers are most likely going to bounce straight back out of your webstore.

Make sure you make the most of the features available on this page. A few featured products can make this page stand out and a short paragraph welcoming your customer and letting them know of any special deals would be a great start.

2. About

The "About Us" page is important to build trust, even if your a small business its great to say what you do and tell people about yourself.

The "About Us" page is a great way for customers and search engines to find you. Here's a few points you could talk about on this page:

  • When your business was established.
  • Who you are.
  • What you do.
  • And, what your business/ products can do for others.

How about writing a short story for your customers to read.

3. Special Offers

The Special Offers page is automatically generated based on if you have any offers on your products. If you don't then you can hide this page if you wish or leave it displayed to let your customers there are currently no offers available.

4. Basket

This page is also handled by the Freewebstore team. It's a fully automated system and your customers will be able to checkout on your store from the go.

You can however, change the colors of your basket as well as manipulating forms, postage and customer accounts.

5. Contact

The Contact page comes with a ready made contact form for your customers to use. If a customer tries to contact you using this form a message will be sent to your Freewebstore Control Panel and your email.

This page also allows you to display other contact information such as your address and telephone number - I would recommend having this displayed as search engines prefer this and it allows your customers to get in touch in other formats.

Google maps can also be displayed on this page and is a great way to show your customers exactly where your shop/ business is based if they need a visual clue rather than just an address.

6. Gallery

The Instagram page allows me to connect my Instagram gallery to my store. Here I can show off my products and other aspects of my business.

I am also able to allow my customers to display their own Instagram images using a hashtag of my own choice.

So I created a hashtag for all my customers to use when they are celebrating with one of my cakes, this allows other customers to see my cakes being enjoyed by other happy customers.

7. Terms

I have a few terms and conditions I want my customers to abide by when using my store and purchasing products, so I've added my own Terms page. However, one is automatically generated with some basic terms and conditions if I require it.

8. Privacy

Again, I have a few policies I want my customers to abide by when using my store and purchasing products, so I've added my own Policy page. However, one is automatically generated with some basic policies if I require it.

9. Order Success

I want to thank my customers personally when they order a product from my store, I may even provide them with vouchers in the future so I will edit the Order Success page to show this.

10. Order Failed

You can provide a personalized message for when orders have failed. I have placed my contact details on this page to ask customers to get in touch with me if they continue to have orders that have failed.

There is plenty of space on my store to add content which allows me tell my customers about the services I offer and my fantastic cakes. Based on a few questions my friends asked regarding my venture I decided to add a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to my store.

Part 4

In part 4 we'll talk about setting up some basic shipping rules for your store.

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