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Link your web store with Facebook and start advertising on social media.

Start Connecting

I’ve had a really cool order in recently so I decided to shoot a video of me making it. It was a spectacular four-tiered pink and blue cupcake display to celebrate the long-awaited birth of twins. I sped up the footage to keep my viewers interested and made sure that I shot it in a tidy area of my kitchen where there is plenty of light. This is sure to generate some interest and raise my profile on social media.

I always try to connect with as many people as possible on Facebook and Twitter by using relevant hashtags and descriptions. It’s really important to leave a Like and Comment whenever posts from my contacts come up on my news feed. This will help me to increase my footprint on social media. This way I will build up a following over the coming months.

Planting Seeds

What’s really neat about Facebook is that I can boost posts to appear in news feeds beyond my own contacts. I can be specific about who I want to target – age, gender, even their interests. I know my target audience so I plan to boost some of my Facebook posts to let people know I’ve got an online store. My customers tend to be female, aged twenty and fifty-five so I only want my posts to reach these people within a 10km radius at the moment. Facebook even tells me how many people my post can potentially reach.

All this wizardry will plant seeds in the heads of my target market ready for when they are looking to make purchasing decisions.

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Link your web store with Facebook and start advertising on social media.
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