advertising your store

Link your web store with Facebook and start advertising on social media.

Part 1

This walkthrough explains how to use social media to promote your store and increase your customer engagement.

Advertising your Store

I love my new web store! Its packed full of great shots of my latest products with informative descriptions to build up my SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I’ve set up my store to receive credit card payments as well as offline payments and have even created a store logo. I’ve absolutely no knowledge of web design (should I be telling you this?!) and yet have managed to create my very own web store just to receive orders!

What I also love is that I’m in total control from wherever I am - I can add new products and make changes whenever and wherever I like. Awesome!

Thing is, I’m not going to get sales unless I start advertising. I’m proud of my business and want to promote it in the best way I can. What I’ve learned is that to make it, you’ve got to make the most of your connections (and your best critics) to start to build up your reputation. First family and friends on Facebook...

Feel like you've Arrived!

I’ve set up a Facebook store through my freewebstore control panel (in the Marketing section). Now whenever I add new products, they will automatically be uploaded to my Facebook store feed. This will save me tonnes of time and will keep my Facebook store up to date and looking fresh. I make sure that my posts have links back to my web store so that if people “Like” my products, they can buy them almost instantly. I will get my family and friends to Like and Share my posts as part of my advertising campaign and get them to leave customer reviews on my page to increase my credibility.

"One aspect I really like about Freewebstore is that all the products I put on to myShop, go straight through to our Facebook page. Its brilliant."

Some of my customers prefer Twitter, so I’ve added the social media icons to my header banner on my store too. Now when someone clicks the Facebook icon on my store, it takes them to my Facebook page. Pretty impressive hey? (To link your social media icons to your Facebook store you’ll need your Facebook ID. I found mine out on It’s all starting to come together!

Part 2
Link your web store with Facebook and start advertising on social media.
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