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Why should I choose freewebstore over shopify?

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Free for 14 days or Free forever?

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When you sign up with Shopify, you get 14 days to decide which one of 3 subscription plans starting from $29.

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Signing up with freewebstore gives you a free online store, free for life, without the need to upgrade...EVER!

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When you get to the top plan, you still pay commission on each sale you make. With us, its FREE

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All our plans include a free SSL for your online store, including our free plan!

I want to upgrade, what will it cost me?

Shopify Plans:

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Basic Shopify: $29 USD/mo

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Shopify: $79 USD/mo

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Advanced Shopify: $299 USD/mo

freewebstore Plans:

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Community Plan: $0 USD/mo. (£0)

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Start Up: $20 USD/mo. (£15)

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Pro Plan: $65 USD/mo. (£49)

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Ridge: $250 USD/mo. (£199)

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Did you know?

Did you know?

Some of our users, starting on our Community Plan, took just 2 years to make over $1 million.

What does freewebstore offer me that Shopify doesn't?

We are constantly growing and improving our platform on a daily basis. Whether it be near instant changes to the User Experience of our platform based on our customer's feedback or adding to the already extensive list of useful tools.

A FREE platform that you can build a business from the ground up on.

Our Community Plan ($0) practically mirrors the Basic Shopify ($29) plan. The basic tools and features they offer, we offer for FREE.

Don't believe us?

See for yourselves using the links below.

If you spot any essential, online store features that Shopify offer and our free plan doesn't. Do not hesitate to tell us by contacting our support team.

Why is freewebstore so cheap? Surely your customer support is poor!

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